Lights in the Mirror

Grade 4
Performance Time: 8'00"
Publisher: Molenaar Edition (2017)



Lights in the Mirror was commissioned by the Yahata High School Band (Fukuoka, Japan)
on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of their annual concert in august 2016.
Mirroring and looking at the heart of yourself at all times, and walking the road of honesty: a poem written by the principal.
You will enjoy this bold and dynamic composition, that will appeal to all audiences with its powerful rhythms and bright harmonies.
Very effective for concert or contest performances.

Instrumentation Piccolo
Flute I
Flute II
Bb Clarinet I
Bb Clarinet II
Bb Clarinet III
Alto Clarinet Eb
Bass Clarinet
Alto Saxophone I
Alto Saxophone II
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone
Trumpet I
Trumpet II
Trumpet III
Horn I F/Eb
Horn II F/Eb
Trombone I C
Trombone I Bb (BC/TC)
Trombone II C
Trombone II Bb (BC/TC)
Trombone III C
Trombone III Bb (BC/TC)
Euphonium C
Euphonium Bb (BC/TC)
Bas Bb (BC/TC)
Bas Eb (BC/TC)
Tuba C
1st Mallet Percussion

  • Bells
  • 2nd Mallet Percussion
  • Chimes
  • Timpani
    1st Percussion

  • Snare Drum
  • Bass Druym
  • 2nd Percussion
  • Crash Cymbals
  • Suspended Cymbal
  • Triangle
  • Tambourine
  • Wind Chimes

  • Recording


    Molenaar Edition
    MBCD 31.1147.72

    Army Band - Oporto Detachment
    CBMus Alexandre Coelho, conductor

    01. Overture to a Jubilee <Andreas Ludwig Schulte>

    02. Menu <Carlos Pellicer>

    03. Lights in the Mirror <Naoya Wada>

    04. Baba Yetu <Christopher Tin / arr. by Henk Ummels>

    05. March of the Toys <Victor Herbert / arr. by Wil van der Beek>

    06. The Show must Go On <May, Mercury, Deacon and Taylor / arr. by Lorenzo Bocci

    07. Evil Overture <Thomas Geerts>

    08. A Hairy, Scary Spider <Thomas Geerts>

    09. Song of the Spirits <Thomas Geerts>

    10. Watch Out for the Creep <Thomas Geerts>

    11. Catharines Song <Thomas Geerts>

    12. Young Latin Collection <Edwin Paarlberg>

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