To a New Horizon


Grade 2.5
Performance Time: 5'00"
Publisher: Brain Music / Bravo Music (2020)


When I got an offer from Brain Music to produce a new piece for flex band in January 2020, I was initially thinking to compose the piece optimized for chamber ensemble.
However, in March when I started to compose, the COVID-19 raged all over the world, left many bands unable to have the same activities as before.
After having a meeting with the publisher again, we changed the policy of the work and I tried to make musical ideas that would be optimized for any instrumentation.

The percussion could be omitted, so it is possible to play in quintet, not to mention string orchestra or band.
You can extend the performing time by inserting rehearsal mark D, E and F, instead of the rehearsal mark N as needed.



ステージ時間に余裕がある場合、リハーサル・マークNの代わりにD, E, Fを挿入することで、演奏時間を延長することが可能です。